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Enhance learning, create memorable impressions and attract alumni support with campus grounds that students, faculty and alumni look at with pride.

College Campus Landscaping Services

Nurturing Learning Nationwide

Bring clean, sustainable, and inviting entrances, walkways and outdoor learning environments to your campus to create a best-in-class learning experience. The campuses we've designed, developed and continue to maintain foster learning and positively impact the lives of students, faculty, and alumni at more than 400 schools and colleges across the country.

Let us help you create a campus that reflects your excellence.

“Many university facility departments think only in-house crews can provide the highest quality. When it comes to landscaping, outsourcing can be better because they have specially trained and experienced horticulturists, arborists, and turf care experts who can deliver a better aesthetic at the same or lower cost.”

— Bob Janis, VP of Facility Operations, DePaul University

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Comprehensive Solutions

Drive Recruitment
Influence enrollment decisions of prospective students, sports recruits and their parents with memorable first impressions of your campus grounds. Our team can keep your campus looking great and attuned to your campus culture year-round.
Enhance Learning & Faculty / Staff Satisfaction
Create and maintain learning areas and manicured grounds for students, staff and faculty for learning and enjoyment with landscape professionals who go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.
Enhance Learning
Attract Endowments
Let your alumni take pride in knowing you are preserving the campus culture they remember while keeping your operations and aesthetics current. We can help by offering sustainable practices, updating the look of outdated spaces, or supporting your capital improvements team with innovative planning and landscape design ideas.
Attract Endowments
Boast championship conditions
Our specialized sports turf experts can keep your athletic fields at the top of their game.

Sports Turf Capabilities
Boast Championship Conditions
Keep students and faculty safe
Regular maintenance ensures that walkways, parking areas and entrances are safe and navigable, no matter what the weather.
Keep Students and Faculty Safe
Make your job easier
Flexible scheduling, attention to detail, and access to local experts for all your landscape needs means you can do your job and rest assured that we'll take care of your grounds.
Make your job easier

Colleges & Universities

Colleges, universities and community college campuses


K-12 public school districts, charter, boarding, religious-affiliated and independent schools

Every client has their reason to go green. For some, like Graybar, a distributor of technical networking products, it was a need to make its St.

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Hurricane Matthew, one of the most feared storms in a decade, made its destructive way north along the Atlantic seaboard October 7 and 8, causing devastation from Florida to Virginia.

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Stella dropped snow and freezing rain across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, forcing closings and flight cancellations from Washington, DC to Boston.

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Recruiting, alumni fundraising and the reputation of an educational institution are all impacted by the state of the campus grounds.

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A Natural & Sustainable Approach to Landscapes

The How & Why of Regenerative Landscapes

Regenerative landscapes are those that restore the environment and encourage long-term sustainability, increased biodiversity and enhanced resilience.
Top Turf Conversion Project to Save Water

Smart Alternatives for Water-Thirsty Turf

Whether you're located in areas where drought has taken its toll or you're just looking to create a more sustainable landscape, replacing turf with less water-intensive alternatives is smart.
How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Landscape & Budget

How Sustainability Can Benefit Your Landscape & Your Budget

Making more sustainable choices for your landscape can have a positive impact on the environment, those who use or live on your property, your landscape crew and your budget. 

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