Military Housing Landscaping Experts

Consistent, Reliable Service

Whether it’s irrigation, grounds maintenance, horticultural consulting, property renovation and upgrades, snow removal, or tree care, we pride ourselves in delivering all our services on schedule every time. Our courteous, professional crews understand the military’s unique security needs and protocols and provide services to over 24,000 military housing units nationwide. 


Community Involvement

In addition to providing contracted services, BrightView is committed to supporting the local and military community through special projects.

Cost Savings and Enhanced Properties

Our refined, efficient services allow us to provide you with lower per-unit costs. Beyond housing, other amenities like pools, clubhouses, or recreational areas are accentuated. 


Comprehensive, Year-Round Care

We keep you looking your best when the weather turns ugly, with snow and ice services, as well as emergency and disaster recovery services. With branch offices across the country, you get the responsiveness of a local landscaper backed by powerful national resources.